Bass Guitar, Vocals, Founder and Manager 
An Entertainer, also plays Drums, Keys, and Guitar... 

Charles W. Beadle was born and raised in Chicago, in the shadows of Whitesox Park (South Side) on April 13, 2000. (He looks old for his age.)  

His family was into gospel music and it rubbed off on him. He played gospel music, sang in the church choir, big band, swing, and Latin. He loved it all. His mom was most supportive. He used to bang on the piano atl all times of the morning, and not once did she ever try to discourage him from his music. 

He grew up admiring the likes of Jacky Wilson, James Brown and the whole Motown sound. Then one day this guy by the name of Hendrix hit the scene, and as Charles put it, "That did it for me!"

In the beginning he played at community talent shows, local school functions, and even was a street musician, singing and tap dancing. Charles joined various soul bands. IE Jerline and Friends...The Emotions...Leroy Hudson.  He also formed a few bands of his own such as, The Bop City Boys and the Big Apple Band. He even went on the road for a time with various acts such as Vegas L.T.D, Short Circuit and the list goes on. 

When Charles was asked who his favorite band or artist is, he said, "It is hard for me to have a favorite band or artist, because I'm into music so much and my taste varies from Elvis, Chuck Barry, Basie, The Duke, all the way to include Hendrix, Prince, Clapton, Marley and so many more.

Charles mainly plays bass guitar, but he started out as a drummer. In addition to that he plays keys and a little rhythm guitar...when he puts his mind to it.

He said, "I've entertained at all sorts of events, from political, to clan rallies, and everything in between". If you know Charles, you know he has a great sense of humor. He also said, "I'm all about the business of entertainment".

Charles & Company
was formed by him in 2007...Charles said, "We must be doing something right. I would like to thank all the Peeps for their continuted support!"