About Us

CHARLES & Company is a four to nine piece band with horns when needed...

Charles has been performing for over 30 years. He has toured with various show bands, dance bands, big bands, gospel groups, you name it, Charles has done it!  He decided to put CHARLES & Company together in October, 2013 and the rest is well, a short history.

CHARLES & Company consists of Charles Beadle, lead vocals and bass guitar, Ed Kammerer keyboards and vocals, one of the founding members of the Dancing Noodles, is no longer active but I must give a big thanks for his help in our humble beginnings. Dan Bolus, Keyboards and percussions. Gail Allen, drums and vocals, and Danny ware guitar and vocals, with full horn section when needed. Thats right we have brass if you need it!  We cater to any venue large or small, any occasion. CHARLES & Company is versatile and professional.